Chicago Bears: 5 Landing spots for Khalil Mack if the Bears trade him

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
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The Chicago Bears trade Khalil Mack to the Dallas Cowboys for Dak Prescott.

This Chicago Bears could potentially crash all social media outlets with a trade to acquire quarterback Dak Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for Khalil Mack. This trade was proposed by NBC Sports Chicago insider Adam Hoge where he discussed ‘Why a Dak for Mack trade could make sense‘ for both teams.

This trade comes with a lot of baggage. Prescott will likely miss the beginning of next season after recovering from a scary ankle injury he suffered back in Week 5. Would the Bears risk trading Mack for a player that nobody can be certain of when he comes back. I believe in Prescott and love him as a player, competitor and leader on and off the field. Would the Cowboys even make this trade because it would give them a huge piece to build around on defense if Jerry Jones decides not to extend Prescott’s contract during the offseason.

I’m not an expert on Dallas Cowboys’ football but that defense needs help. Almost as much as the Bears need a quarterback to build around for the future. I’m just not sure whether this trade makes sense for the Bears when they could potentially trade up in the  2021 draft and select a quarterback. That situation makes more sense with Nick Foles still under contract that way he could mentor the young rookie.

On the Dallas side, I couldn’t imagine franchise tagging Prescott and then trading him away. Even if it’s for a player of Mack’s caliber. I don’t think that’s fair to Prescott given all that he means to the city of Dallas, but at the same time the NFL is a business. It’s an interesting proposal that would likely have to include other pieces in order for the trade to go through, but it’s not my favorite.

Despite how nice it would be to have a quarterback like Prescott on the Bears, slinging passes to Allen Robinson if he resigned. But then again Chicago needs to address the offensive line next season.