Chicago Bears won’t be replacing Ryan Pace with Louis Riddick

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

It appears the Chicago Bears will not have a chance at hiring Louis Riddick if they fire Ryan Pace

The Chicago Bears are in a tough spot right now when it comes to decision making time. Fans are clamoring for the franchise to move on from Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Beyond that, one of the popular names among fans to replace him has been Louis Riddick. That ship probably has sailed as other teams that have moved on from their general managers already seem to be making a play for Riddick.

Louis Riddick was also a name we have mentioned when discussing possible replacements for Pace. He is currently an analyst at ESPN. He also has NFL front office experience. Riddick has experience not only as a player in the NFL, but he was also a scout for both Washington and Philadelphia. Before becoming an analyst, he had worked his way up from being a scout to becoming Director of Pro Personnel with both franchises.

Reports are that Riddick is now having an interview with both the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions.

With the Chicago Bears in limbo right now, there is no way that they will have an opportunity to bring in Riddick now should they decide to fire Ryan Pace. This is one reason why if the team is to move on from Pace and Nagy, they should make the announcement now. The Chicago Bears do not want to be left out as other teams bring in the top names and minds available.

Now, I am not saying Riddick is the guy. I know many people want him here in Chicago, but he is not my first choice. That said, not being in the running if Ryan Pace is truly being removed from his general manager responsibilities is rather infuriating. I would at least want the Chicago Bears to be able to target and interview all of the top candidates — which many believe Riddick to be grouped in with.

What might be worse is that if Louis Riddick ends up being a great general manager and he signs with the Detroit Lions, it would be like a double slap in the face. The Chicago Bears would not only lose out to a divisional rival but watching Riddick build the Lions into an actual contender could ruin the Bears for many years to come.

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Clearly, the Chicago Bears are not going to fire Pace and Nagy in the middle of a fake playoff push. History also shows they are not the team to fire a general manager and/or head coach before the end of a season, but when the Bears keep doing the same things over and over again and not getting top results, maybe it is time the McCaskeys switch things up a bit.

If you wanted Louis Riddick, I am sorry to say it will not be happening. Hopefully, the team can find another name worth bringing in should they move on from the current regime.