Predicting where the Chicago Bears will pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

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Best draft pick the Chicago Bears could end up with

We saw what could happen if the Chicago Bears find a way to win-out the rest of the season, make the playoffs and find some way to win a Wild Card game. However, what happens if the team collapses again?

As great as the victory over the Houston Texans felt, the Texans are not a good football team this year and a shell of themselves as they were missing their top wide receivers and running back in that game. The Chicago Bears took care of business though and it was the second week in a row the offense put up 30 or more points. Did the offense find an identity or just a way to take advantage of two bad football teams in the Lions and Texans? We will have to see.

The Chicago Bear face the Vikings, Jaguars and Packers over the final three weeks. My guess is they find a way to win at least one of those games, but for argument’s sake, let’s pretend they lose all of them (something I see many fans shouting for on social media). This means the team finishes the year at 6-10. Not good after a 5-1 start and likely a way to see Ryan Pace and/or Matt Nagy fired. That’s an Atlanta Falcons’ type of collapse, yikes.

Right now the fourth pick in the draft belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have a record of 4-9 and would have to win out to have a better record than the Chicago Bears. Not likely with how that team has played. The same can be said for the next four teams that also sit at 4-9 on the year (Chargers, Panthers, Falcons, Texans).

If those four teams find a way to also be 6-10, the Bears hold the tiebreaker over the Panthers and Texans, therefore it is improbable the Bears end up lower than those two in the NFL Draft order. The Eagles have a tie in their record and Jalen Hurts led them to a win over the Saints. Is it possible they could win at least two games? Definitely. That gives the Chicago Bears one team with the potential of having a better record so far on the list.

The Giants and Lions schedule is not easy and neither one will come out with more than one victory. The Bears have the tiebreaker over the Giants and also the Lions due to NFC wins-losses despite the two splitting the season. Let us assume the Broncos, 49ers and Vikings find a way to finish with a better record and even if the Vikings have the same record, they’d have the tiebreaker. This means the best the Chicago Bears could end up with is the 11th pick in the draft.

Bears will not be replacing Pace with Louis Riddick. light. More

Prediction: The Chicago Bears will win two of the next three games and miss the playoffs. The team will end up with the 13th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.