Chicago Bears: 3 Reasons they shouldn’t draft a QB in the first round

Chicago Bears - Credit: AP Photo/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Network
Chicago Bears - Credit: AP Photo/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Network /
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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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The situation around the Chicago Bears quarterback needs to be better

This point goes almost hand-in-hand with the previous point. The Bears shouldn’t invest highly in a quarterback to have them play behind a bad offensive line and thrown into the fire. It is very likely that if the Bears draft a first-round quarterback, they will be much better than Foles and will be thrown into the fire.

This quarterback would be in a situation like Joe Burrow. Burrow has great weapons to throw to, but he would get murdered every week in the pocket until finally, he suffered a serious knee injury that could hurt his career down the line.

The Bears need to treat this like the Kansas City Chiefs treated it with Patrick Mahomes. They need a solid bridge quarterback to start for a few seasons and learn the offense (like Alex Smith in Kansas City) before drafting their franchise quarterback. Let that quarterback sit a season behind this bridge quarterback learning the nuances of the offense and once he is ready to take over, he can take over.

There have been far too many quarterbacks that have been thrown into the fire and received damage that hurt their careers because of it. They need to protect their most valuable asset and not have a repeat of Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck.