Chicago Bears: 3 ideal trade targets to fix quarterback woes

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Matthew Stafford
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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Many Bear fans would vomit at the idea of trading for the Detroit Lions starting quarterback, but it is quite obvious that Matthew Stafford would immediately be the best franchise quarterback in Bears’ modern history.

With the Lions cleaning house midseason, Stafford is a prime candidate on their roster to be traded. As he will be turning 33 in February, Stafford likely does not want to be a part of a major rebuild that will happen in Detroit. He likely will want to chase some rings near the end of his career as he hasn’t gotten much help in his years in Detroit.

Likewise, the Lions’ new general manager will likely want to obtain a lot of picks in the NFL Draft so he can build the team with players he wants. Trading away Stafford will give them more youth while additionally giving them more draft capital.

Stafford does have a hefty price tag attached to him, but to make it work, the Chicago Bears could restructure his contract while additionally having the Lions eat at least some of it. His injury woes may make this possible as he constantly gets killed behind their weak offensive line.

The Bears will likely have to package a second-round pick and a fifth-round pick as well. If they are asking for a first-round pick, it may only be worth it if the team eats nearly all of his contract, but even then, an injury-riddled 33-year-old quarterback who doesn’t have many winning seasons to his name may not be worth a first-round pick.