Chicago Bears: 3 ideal trade targets to fix quarterback woes

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Sam Darnold
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Sam Darnold, New York Jets

This is another pick most Bears’ fans would be against, but context is a huge consideration here. The New York Jets are almost guaranteed to draft Trevor Lawerence meaning they don’t want to waste their money paying their former first-round quarterback Sam Darnold. They will want to trade him more than the Bears will want him.

Darnold came into the NFL as a project and that was quite obvious. The Jets didn’t help him one bit as they hired Adam Gase, didn’t build him an offensive line, and didn’t give him very many weapons. Even when they had said weapons, they under-utilized them (Robby Anderson). Even Gase said he failed to develop Darnold.

Darnold is only 23 years old still making him younger than rookie quarterback Joe Burrow. He still is developing as he was expected to be a project. The former top-three pick since he hasn’t played well will be available at a great discount. They can get Darnold for likely a third-round pick and hope he develops.

The Chicago Bears should treat the quarterback position much like the Miami Dolphins. They went after Josh Rosen for a second-round pick and then drafted Tua Tagovailoa the next season. They will likely continue to draft quarterbacks until one hits as it remains to be seen if Tagovailoa is their future with his first few starts being shaky.

Darnold may not be the greatest option to trade for, but he is affordable and could develop into something special.