The Chicago Bears must move on from these six players in 2021

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Eddy Pineiro Ι K

Finally, the last person on this list who should not be back in a Chicago Bears uniform in 2021 is Eddy Pineiro. Both Pineiro and Carlos Santos will be free agents after this season comes to an end. If I were in charge, Pineiro is easily the odd man out for me here.

Pineiro missed time last season due to a groin injury and he has yet to play a snap for the Chicago Bears in 2020. Santos has instead stepped up and seamlessly taken over. In fact, Santos has connected on 21 of 23 field goals for a 91.3 field goal percentage. Pineiro’s with the Bears in 2019 was only 82.1 percent.

Many were concerned with Santos’ strength and ability to make long kicks. Well, his career and season-long this year is 55 yards, Pineiro’s is only 53 yards out. It appears to me that Santos would be just fine hitting his longer kicks, but what I like about him more than Pineiro is his consistency to hit those kicks between 30 and 49 yards out. This to me is key for a kicker staying in the NFL.

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Final Thoughts:

The Chicago Bears look to be headed into a small rebuild. This is also why Cordarrelle Patterson could be added to this list. As a Bears fan, a rebuild or retooling (whatever you choose to call it) could honestly be what is best for the team. Start with improving the offensive line and find a signal-caller they believe in. These would be the key, first two steps in the plan and process. Unfortunately, as we know, the Bears like to follow their own path, and it usually is a bumpy one.