Chicago Bears vs Vikings: Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s jobs on the line

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Matt Nagy and Bill Lazor must be smart on their personnel packages

Regardless of how that all plays out, Allen Robinson still has to get the most pass targets. He is their best receiver and again this game is just too important to mess around with under using the great connection Trubisky has with the Bears most clutch offensive player. If Allen Robinson, Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet all make key contributions to the Bears passing game to go along with a strong run game this should seal a victory for the Bears.

Let’s assume Matt Nagy for once is rational about this and runs at least 50% of the time. David Montgomery has to get a whole lot more touches than Cordarelle Patterson. Also, the Bears can’t keep switching running backs on consecutive plays.

This is no game for any of the cutesy stuff Nagy is infamous for doing. Everyone knows the best way for the offensive line and running backs to get into a rhythm and a zone is to have the consistency of personnel. This greatly increases the odds that everyone is on the same page play in and play out.

As far as Cordarelle Patterson goes, he should be used but use him in a series of downs. Another thing the Bears should do with Patterson is put him in the backfield then let him run a deep route. This would be a way to open up zones in the 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage that works so well for Trubisky. Not to mention it benefits the run game.

We know Patterson has the capacity to get up to top speed in a short distance. Cordarelle Patteson can be a lethal weapon on offense. Not utilizing his unique skills as a running back to get the most out of him is wasteful but so Matt Nagy. For the Bears’ sake, let’s hope Nagy lets Lazor do this with Patterson.

The Vikings defense has a lot of good players but due to injuries, they will only have two exceptional players on Sunday. These are strong safety, Harrison Smith, and free safety, Anthony Harris. Harrison Smith has killed the Bears and in particular Mitch Trubisky in so many ways. He is the one who gave Trubisky his shoulder injury with a sack last season. Harrison has also killed the Bears with interceptions so Trubisky has to stay clear of him as much as possible.

The rest of the Vikings’ secondary includes two rookies. Ironically, in terms of coverage their third-round pick Cameron Dantzler is playing better than first-round pick Jeff Gladney. They are both having good seasons but have their vulnerabilities as well. Dantzler has given up some big plays.