3 reasons to pump brakes on Mitch Trubisky extension talk

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Mitch Trubisky is playing better, but we still need to see more before Chicago Bears start talking extension

There is no denying that Mitchell Trubisky is playing better football after being benched. After writing about the differences in his play it is clear that Trubisky is operating the offense for the Chicago Bears much more, and is playing off-script much less. That is great, it is helped the Bears score 30 points in three straight games, something nearly unheard of around here.

Still, while the point explosion is great, and Trubisky is a great person worth rooting for, there still needs to more done before we start talking about a longer-term relationship between Trubisky and the club.

Here are three reasons the Bears may want to wait and see more

Bone headed decisions

The biggest reason Trubisky has played better is that his air yards and time to throw are way down. That is not a bad thing, and many great quarterbacks have lower air yards and quick releases. It should signal that Trubisky has figured things out in some manners, and knows where he is going with the ball more often.

Still, we also see at times off-script, and even as he is getting the ball out quick and decisively that the immaturity flashes at times as well. A play that stands out is Trubisky throwing a pick into triple coverage against the Packers because it was his first read. It was good that Trubisky saw something pre-snap and was decisive, but he needed to see that the coverage was not what he wanted to see post-snap and move on.

You cannot rely on the quarterback to get the coverage he was hoping for. Another play in the Green Bay was the sack where he ran out of bounds instead of threw the ball away. Inexcusable. You can say that Bears should not even have been passing in that spot, but a great performance by Trubisky was squandered by a fumble in his own end late. Good quarterbacks can be trusted to pass in their end late.

Even on Sunday, in the win, Trubisky threw a red zone interception that was an awful decision. It also was the same pre-determined decision that he threw four weeks ago. You can say that he has shown progression in his confidence and decisiveness. You can also say that he has not progressed mentally when things do not go his way, and he needs to show more.