The Chicago Bears must follow this one plan at quarterback in 2021

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Reason No. 2: The Chicago Bears could simply get lucky

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Some teams just get lucky.

There’s no better example than Dak Prescott, who was a fourth-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick. Russell Wilson was a third-round guy.

Again, the chances of landing a guy like that are hard, but not impossible. For a Bears team that has been cursed at this position, the move to try and grab a late-round quarterback in 2021 could maybe see similar results. If it doesn’t, the team still has a guy who can learn and develop. It brings competition but also shows a team willing to make changes for the future of the franchise.

Reason No. 3: The Chicago Bears should earn compensatory picks in 2021

The Bears will be awarded roughly three compensatory picks in 2021. This would only be the second time in 11 years the team has been awarded any, and there’s even a chance they could be given a fourth pick.

While most of these comp picks are sixth or seventh-round selections, this does give the Bears more freedom to take a late-round quarterback. They can roll the dice on someone while also still being able to prioritize other draft needs.

Of course, this also means the Chicago Bears could try and move up to grab someone with the extra draft capital. Names like Mac Jones and Kyle Trask come to mind, as they are projected to be late first-round/second-round talent. The Bears could make a move to obtain someone like Jones, while also addressing other needs in the first round, such as offensive line.

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The future of the Bears quarterback spot

It’s not certain who will be playing quarterback for the Bears in 2021. Whether Trubisky returns or not, the team needs to look at the spot from different angles and perspectives. It’s time to move on from Tyler Bray, and let a young talent with the potential to take his place in 2021 step in.