Chicago Bears: 3 free agent quarterbacks rumored to Chicago in 2021

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /
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Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears
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The Chicago Bears could go in many directions at quarterback in 2021

The Chicago Bears clearly have a dilemma at the quarterback position. We should not be getting our hopes up based on the more recent success. Until we see this in action versus a more formidable defense, we should slow down on the Mitch Trubisky has figured it out and is now the Chicago Bears savior talk.

I know…but Rob, you are a Mitch Trubisky truther and stan. That might be true, but that does not mean I believe that everything has suddenly changed for the better when it comes to Trubisky and Matt Nagy. Somehow, one or both of them will find a way to revert back to the way things were prior to this more recent productive run on offense.

The thing is, do you think Nick Foles is going to remain here or opt-out and become a free agent looking for a bigger payday? Foles is set to make $6.7 million dollars from the Bears next season, plus incentives — incentives I highly doubt he achieves. The Chicago Bears are not going to cut him though as he would cost them over $14 million in dead cap space. Basically, Foles is in charge of if he will be back in 2021 or not.

Let us pretend for a minute he opts out. Would the Chicago Bears be better off trying to sign Mitch Trubisky to a second contract? I would have no problem with them making that move, but it cannot be the only one. The team still must invest in a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. Now, let us pretend both Nick Foles opts out and leaves, plus Trubisky finds a better deal somewhere else (something that is definitely possible). Then what will and should this team do?

The Chicago Bears, once again, will need to look to the 2021 NFL Draft to bring in a quarterback, but with needs at both left and right tackle, that might have to wait until the third round, or maybe even a Day 3 pick. Yikes. Not ideal and this could also mean the Chicago Bears will be looking for a quarterback in the draft once again in 2022 — they should probably look to the draft again in 2022 and maybe again in 2023. The Bears need to keep taking chances here until they get it right.

However, to help bridge the gap, this team must look to free agency once again should Foles walk and Trubisky decides to turn his back on the fan base that seems to have turned their backs on him before he even played a down. On social media, someone shared what looked to be a segment on NFL Network that listed three quarterbacks who may be available in 2021 and the top three teams that could be a likely landing spot. The Chicago Bears were in the top three for all three.