Chicago Bears: 3 free agent quarterbacks rumored to Chicago in 2021

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Although we said he would walk, would Mitch Trubisky still be the best option?

Finally, although we were pretending that the Chicago Bears were unable to convince Mitch Trubisky to return in 2021 on a team-friendly deal, I would be amiss if I did not at least consider the notion.

Trubisky has looked good the last few games. A change in the offensive scheme has been a big help to him. He is being rolled out more often, which in turn cuts the field in half for him. This also allows him to be able to use his athleticism to his advantage. The scheme change might be thanks to Bill Lazor who is now calling plays in Chicago. However, we must understand that the scheme change probably came jointly from the coaching staff. Matt Nagy gets some of the credit.

This also means he is to blame for not making this shift sooner — something we (and many fans) have been calling for since 2019. The defenses the team has faced have also not been great, and that is another thing we must take into consideration. However, Trubisky is still an average quarterback a team can win with. I would not be opposed to bringing him back next season to compete with a 2021 rookie quarterback. It would be dependent on the cost.

Some doubters want to point out his passes only traveling 10 yards or less as a bad thing. Looking at Trubisky’s adjusted yards gained per pass attempt (AY/A) over the last three games, he has averaged 8.93 AY/A. Not that we should ever think Trubisky is as good or better than Patrick Mahomes, but Mahomes has averaged a 7.96 AY/A over his last three games. This is not the entire picture, but it does show how the team has been more productive lately.

The test will be versus the Packers in Week 17 though. Trubisky and the offense only had a 4.61 AY/A in that game. This is again why we need to slow down with what has been happening. Can this scheme and offensive production work versus a better defensive team? Over the last three weeks, Trubisky has thrown five touchdowns and only one interception. If we add in the Packers game he has eight touchdowns to three interceptions.

We might not know how well this new offensive scheme will work and how well Trubisky can truly be unless the Chicago Bears make the playoffs.

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Final Thoughts:

When looking at these four quarterbacks, I would take Jimmy Garoppolo first. Then, I would probably take Mitch Trubisky second. His ability to hold onto the football is why I would take him slightly before Jameis Winston. Winston would be a close third for me and Newton would be a distant fourth. How would you rank them? Would you want any of the four or just hope a rookie can take over first thing in 2021? This team has many question marks and options next season.