George Kittle returns for the 49ers just to help the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

George Kittle returned to the field to help the Chicago Bears playoff chances

The Chicago Bears playoff hopes just got a whole lot brighter tonight. The team found themselves one game behind the Cardinals with two weeks left. The Cardinals played in a rare Saturday game versus the 49ers today and wound up losing to the injury-riddled team who calls San Francisco home. The loss for the Cardinals now puts the Chicago Bears in their own driver’s seat.

If the Bears can win tomorrow versus the Jaguars, then the final showdown versus the Packers in Week 17 will be for all the marbles. Should the Chicago Bears find a way to beat the Packers, they will hold the tiebreaker over the Cardinals and be locked into the final seventh seed playoff spot.

What makes this game even more special is how George Kittle appears to have returned to the field for the 49ers just in time to help the Chicago Bears have a better shot at making the playoffs. He had not played since Week 8 due to a broken foot.

Heading into Week 16, head coach Kyle Shanahan asked George Kittle if he wanted to play and Kittle responded with a resounding “Hell yes”. Shanahan responded with a “sounds good” and that was the end of the conversation.

Did George Kittle want to play for hidden reasons?

The thing is, Kittle had little to nothing to play for as the 49ers were already out of playoff contention. He said he had a bad taste in his mouth and wanted to let his divisional rivals know he was still here and would be for years to come. However, was that really the only reason he wanted to come back? Or was it because he wanted to try and help out his boyhood favorite team — the Chicago Bears?

Kittle was a little rusty at times, but he helped the 49ers top the Cardinals by catching four passes and led the team with 92 yards. After the game, it appears Kittle announced his real reason for playing in this game (this is pure speculation and I’m sure not the real reason but sounds more fun). George Kittle loves the “bleeping” Bears. This part was cut out of the 49ers tweet, but you can quickly find it on social media if you want to hear him say it while off-camera to reporters.

Could we see George Kittle in a Chicago Bears uniform one day? That would be amazing, but won’t be happening any time soon as he is currently playing on a five-year extension that runs through 2025. Maybe he’ll force a trade or something? Haha, again very doubtful.

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What this is though is a perfect opportunity for the Chicago Bears and I hope that the players take this time to kick it up a notch versus the Jacksonville Jaguars. We saw how even the New York Jets can win a game, the Chicago Bears do not need to allow the Jaguars to do the same.