Hidden reasons the Chicago Bears will want the Packers to lose in Week 16

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears future is more important than this season

As far as priorities go to the organization, their offseason and their future are more important than how well they do in these upcoming playoffs. If the Bears were to beat the Packers with the number one seed on the line then the Bears offseason starts to become a more clearly defined path to take. If the Chicago Bears beat the Packers on the road and win some games in the playoffs, Mitch Trubisky, Ryan Pace and even Matt Nagy should stay for at least one more season.

This would mean offering Trubisky at least a two-year contract. Presumably, he would be amenable to this as he would stay with a team and a system he is familiar with that just got into the playoffs. However, the Chicago Bears should only keep Matt Nagy after they give him this ultimatum which is something that would also make Trubisky want to stay in Chicago.

The ultimatum is that Matt Nagy will be fired mid-season under the condition if it becomes obvious in 2021 that he is not fully committed to tailoring an offense around the strengths of Mitch Trubisky and his other skill position players. Should it be clear that this leads to losing games they could have or should have won, Matt Nagy must know he will not be around to finish the year.