5 Chicago Bears who sparked winning streak

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The Chicago Bears have won three games in a row

Yes, playing the Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, and Jacksonville Jaguars is an easier three-game stretch than the Rams, Saints, and Titans earlier in the year. Still, the Chicago Bears have won just enough to the point where they officially control their destiny in the 2020 NFL playoffs.

While the opponent’s matter, the Bears made changes that resulted in residual effects. The contributions of the five players below have helped spark a huge turnaround.

5. Cole Kmet

After failing to reach 50% of the team’s offensive snaps through the first nine games of the year, Cole Kmet has hit the 70% snap threshold in each of the past six weeks. In that span, he has 16 of his 21 catches and 123 of his 202 yards. Kmet has not taken over, but his presence has been felt.

His addition has actually helped Jimmy Graham as well. The aging veteran is not much of a blocker and should be used sparingly for pass-catching situations. The ascension of Kmet has turned Graham into a valuable role player.

The run game has upgraded in blocking from Graham to Kmet, and while Kmet catches short dump-offs, Graham extends the field and catches jump balls.

When the Chicago Bears drafted Cole Kmet, this is what they had in mind. It took him a bit to get situated, but now that he is playing significant snaps, the ripple effects have been huge.