5 Chicago Bears who sparked winning streak

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2. Mitch Trubisky

We broke it down last week, and with a win against the Jaguars, there is no denying that Mitch Trubisky is playing better. The biggest difference has been that he is being reeled in. He is no longer trying to be a playmaker, but instead is working with the system of the offense.

Trubisky has seen his time to throw and air yard distance decline steadily this past month. The results have been a barrage of 30 point performances.

Many Bears fans will wonder what would have happened had Trubisky not been benched. However, the benching may have been for the best long term. If Trubisky can limit turnovers and play within the offense, he can be trusted. If he does not have to do too much, he is not a complete bust of a quarterback.

Whether you think Trubisky is a long-term answer or not does not matter, what does matter is that he is playing better now, than he was two months ago.