Chicago Bears must find a way to bring back Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears must convince Mitch Trubisky to return in 2021

Before you leave some absurd comment condemning me for this thought, at least hear me out. When it comes to the success of the Chicago Bears in 2021, Mitch Trubisky means more to this team than Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. No, I am not joking.

I am not one to believe Ryan Pace has failed this team completely. He has put together a squad with enough talent in all areas except one main one, and no it is not at quarterback. The offensive line is by far the bigger of the issue for Pace during his tenure here in Chicago. He has not put enough emphasis on the left tackle and right tackle positions. It could be his undoing as the Chicago Bears general manager.

Matt Nagy has been exactly what we all should have expected — inexperienced as a head coach. Often times we see new, especially young, head coaches trying to take on too much by themselves. No one questioned Nagy’s ability to unite and lead a strong locker room. You can see how much he cares for his players, their success and their well-being based on how he reacted today after DeAndre Carter took a horrid hit to the head on a punt return.

The problem with Nagy has been his ability to lead and coach, while also handling all of the offensive play-calling. After he handed things over to Bill Lazor and replaced Nick Foles with Mitch Trubisky, this offense has looked very different. This is not only due to the fact they have played some horrid defenses as of late, but also because the offensive identity has changed whether fans want to admit the success or not.

The new offensive scheme has been working and the team will have a true test in Week 17 as they face the Packers for an opportunity to win and earn the final spot in the playoffs. This scheme is not one that is suited for the likes of Nick Foles. Although the defenses have not been nearly as equal while Foles was under center compared to Trubisky in the last five games, no one can deny this offense is hitting on all cylinders right now.

The Chicago Bears have averaged 36.2 points per game since Trubisky has returned. Of course, I know the doubters reading this are saying that Trubisky has little to do with this and he’s still the same quarterback. Look at the interception he threw today versus the Jaguars — ugly I know. That interception aside, the Chicago Bears offense just looks better with Trubisky under center.

Should Matt Nagy and/or Ryan Pace be retained next season, Trubisky would be the more ideal bridge quarterback than Nick Foles. Should they be removed from their position, Trubisky still should make the better bridge quarterback in 2021. By no means would I want the team to truly count on Trubisky for the future. However, with the most recent success, the team will not find themselves drafting high enough for one of the top few quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The tricky part will be convincing Foles to opt-out of his contract. The team could easily make it be known that his services will be as the backup once again in 2021. Foles has made plenty of money and he is set to earn less than $7 million dollars next season. Could that convince him to opt-out and seek a better situation where he has an opportunity to not only earn even more money but actually start.

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Back to my original statement. The Chicago Bears will be better off with Mitch Trubisky next season over Pace and/or Nagy. This is not to be the quarterback of the future. No, he is just to be the guy to help this team should the quarterback they draft (hopefully within the first three rounds) not instantly improve the offense or need some time to get acclimated. The Bears need to convince Mitch Trubisky to return on a reasonable deal, push Foles to opt-out and then draft another. This is how this team finds sustained success moving forward.