Chicago Bears: Five key observations heading into critical Packers game

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No. 2: Allen Robinson must make his voice heard by Chicago Bears coaches

Like Mitch Trubisky, Allen Robinson needs to make his voice heard by the coaches. Maybe this is already the case but if I was Allen Robinson I would be pretty aggressive in speaking out about what I believe works and does not work for this Chicago Bears offense.

Lately, I am finding he gives the best post-game analysis — be it player, coach or the media. Last week he pointed out how really good footwork by Bears players played a key role in their victory. This week he focused on the third and fourth down conversions being the number one reason for their success on offense. He also mentioned explosive plays on first and second down getting them into enemy territory and that these explosives led to touchdowns as opposed to settling for field goals.

These are all spot on points about why the Bears scored 41 points against the Jaguars. In addition, he said the team felt good coming out at halftime. The players liked the plays but felt they just needed better execution and that the players felt good about the third quarter after scoring to end the half. Everything he said about this game was the most important key points on offense. Here is a link to his interview with Lauren Screeden.

Jim Miller has been my gold standard for insights into the Bears offense but Allen Robinson has recently matched him and maybe even surpassed Miller. The local media is missing a great opportunity to deliver some quality Bears talk by not making Allen a weekly guest on some show.

Some platform should set this up if the Bears make the playoffs. For example, Waddle and Silvy used to have a weekly segment with Jay Cutler. I would not miss a segment with Allen Robinson and Tom Waddle digging deep into the latest Bears topics.