Chicago Bears: Five key observations heading into critical Packers game

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No. 4: Mitch Trubisky is struggling for the Chicago Bears more than it appears

In spite of Mitch Trubisky’s recent turn around that is generating lots of points with some solid quarterbacking, this criticism must be pointed out. No, in this instance, I am not referring to his poor judgment on passes In the red zone.

My criticism of Trubisky is that in every pass to a wide-open target against the Jaguars, the receiver is reaching in one way or another for his throw. None of the passes Trubisky threw in this game that were 10 yards or longer were perfectly placed to maximize yardage after the catch. Some of his shorter passes also had the same problem. Many of his completions required extra effort by the receivers to make the play.

Jimmy Graham was wide open for a touchdown but he had to jump up to catch it. Both Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney had to reach down to grab passes that were less than 10 yards in the air. Then there were Trubisky’s typical overthrows of some targets that were open or had a defender nearby.

In every case, Mitch Trubisky’s footwork was off. Most of the time before he winds up to pass, he had his feet wide apart which is not remotely optimal — especially for the longer passes. Of course, at times, good footwork has to be sacrificed because a defender is nearby.

However, in most of these throws, he had time to optimize his footwork. The thing is when his footwork is on point he can put just the right amount of arc and touch on the ball to deliver a dime. Seeing all this on the All-22 coaches film just makes me a little more nervous about this upcoming battle with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.