Chicago Bears: Five key observations heading into critical Packers game

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /
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No. 5: Some creativity at the goal line is actually okay for the Chicago Bears

Now I love to criticize any Nagy-influenced play calls as much as the next guy or gal but the Cole Kmet fiasco that occurred at the goal line might not actually be a bad play to use again. What went wrong is that the Jags lined up an additional defender at the goal line and the Chicago Bears were short one blocker. As Kmet got near this defender he knifed in and blew up the play.

It seems like Jimmy Graham or Germain Ifedi should have done something to warn Trubisky there was a defender at the line with no one to block him. They could have at least yelled at Mitch and pointed to the guy so maybe he had a chance to audible or call a time out. Given Kmet’s strength and size, if given half a chance, there is no reason why he could not have muscled himself into the endzone without this unblocked defender cutting him off at the pass.

Looking ahead to Chicago Bears vs. Packers

The most important element for a Bears win is not complicated and no I do not mean run the ball. The Bears coaches and players must take a solemn vow before this game. That vow is, “no more stupid”.

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If Nagy has this little voice inside his head saying, let’s try this trick play, a much louder voice in his head or from one of his coaches must say, “FUGGEDABOUTIT”. No dumb plays, no dumb penalties at the worst possible times, no high-risk throws into the end zone. All of this obvious nonsense needs to be avoided like the plague. The Chicago Bears have little if any room for error going up against Aaron “the Assassin” Rodgers. They must be mentally sharp and really at their best to win this game.