3 New Year Resolutions for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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2. Clarity at the most important spot

If the Chicago Bears goal in 2020 was to figure out once and for all what they had with Mitch Trubisky, they failed. At this point last year, Trubisky was struggling and was going to get one more shot to prove that he was a starting NFL QB.

Trubisky did not play great, but he also went undefeated to start his 2020 campaign. However, he was still benched for Nick Foles after struggling against the Falcons. Now, the Bears have once again hit a winning streak with Trubisky, and he is even playing better than earlier in the year.

The Bears thought that they would give Trubisky one more chance to prove himself. However, he has been so up and down that nothing has been accomplished. The Bears are entering 2021 with the same questions about the same player.

However it comes in 2021, the Beas need clarity. They need to learn once and for all that Trubisky is not the man, or they need to go all-in on him and learn that they can win with him. They cannot be in a similar spot this time next year.