Chicago Bears: Is one more year to get it right acceptable?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Does this current Chicago Bears regime deserve another year?

Right now, the Chicago Bears are sitting at 8-8 and backed their way into the playoffs with a Cardinals loss to the Rams. This team still has plenty of question marks.

After battling to get over .500, right now is where the Bears should be weighing the odds. This season, Mitch Trubisky’s record is 6-3. Nick Foles went 2-5 before going down to injury. To his defense, his offensive line was injured too. However, once another quarterback switch came against Green Bay, it seems the offensive line figured things out. Trubisky’s numbers through his starts with the production from David Montgomery adds up to a top-10 offense.

A lot of young players stepped in having to fill a large role — Jaylon Johnson, Darnell Mooney, and Cole Kmet, to name a few. Patience moving forward could work favorably for the Bears. COVID-19 also had other plans for the season, so in retrospect, its impact will be looked at as a major obstacle.

Just take it easy, Bears. Good times are back rolling and the stakes are high. We all know that if something good is going to happen for this team, we have to be able to beat Green Bay. The first task will be beating the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round, but that will not matter if the team cannot take down their divisional rival from the north.

Beating Green Bay will be shocking, yet it would also mean multiple postseason wins. Anything opposite of that would be proving doubters right.

What this Chicago Bears offense has been asking for

Fans yearned for this current spark for the past two seasons. In the end, what worked for this current team is the quarterback position they came in with. After a 5-1 start, this team faced a six-game losing streak. They turned it around with proper offensive adjustments. This Bears offense is full of serviceable talent.

Utilizing the talent at hand came back around for a strong finish. Allen Robinson hit 100 receptions in a season for the first time. David Montgomery has been on a tear as of late, hitting his first 1,000-yard season. This defense still holds promise throughout a bend, don’t break approach. The primary imbalance has been on play calling and from the quarterback position. As of late, everything looks refreshed from the offensive side.

How Chicago ends this season will leave the future sketchy. Trubisky is battling for a contract while Foles is already under contract. The closeout of this season will determine if one more year is acceptable. It’s hard to see another talent coming into this city to take over as quarterback.

It would be shocking to receive a quarterback that will lead the way in that aspect. Currently, the Bears offense does not seem fit for an upright playmaker. The offensive line has been rotating bodies in and out of the lineup. Play action along with a supporting run game have been focal for the past five weeks. Trubisky was not favorable for everyone, but it’s undeniable that Trubisky has contributed to saving the season.

Under current personnel, this offense has been effective. Bill Lazor’s play-calling switch has played in favor of the Chicago Bears limping into the playoffs. This closeout of the season will play a part in Trubisky’s future in this league. Despite a bad loss to the Packers, there were plenty of opportunities to make the game closer or even win. If the Chicago Bears want to play spoiler in the playoffs, they must pounce on those opportunities.

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Moving Forward?

Allen Robinson’s extension is still up in the air. Bears need to pay close attention to the market before letting him walk. They are a middle of the pack team. A new franchise quarterback or No. 1 wide receiver will not just fall into their lap without the right moves. Losing six and snapping back has never been an easy feat. Or a feat worth much to a team. This team had a lot on the line from the start. All losses were manageable, and all wins were worth something for this team.

With the playoffs now on the horizon, Pace, Nagy, and company must weigh the odds. Furthermore, George McCaskey must determine if they should get another attempt next year.