Chicago Bears: 5 Quarterbacks who should not replace Mitch Trubisky

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If the Chicago Bears move on from Mitch Trubisky, they need to be careful

After Sunday’s performance in the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, there are still plenty of questions regarding the quarterback position.

Mitchell Trubisky played it safe, for the most part, as he completed several short throws and allowed any additional yardage to come after the catch. Aside from a long bomb to Darnell Mooney, Trubisky didn’t take a lot of risks. Of course, the lone other risk he took led to an interception to seal the game for Green Bay.

Going into the game against the New Orleans Saints, the Bears obviously have no choice but to continue riding with Trubisky.

However, for a while now, fans have been looking ahead to the offseason. This is an important offseason because Trubisky’s rookie contract is up. The team declined his fifth-year option before this season began, and now they eventually go into the 2021 offseason facing a dilemma.

Do they bring Trubisky back on a short deal to try and make another run with this team? Or, do they go the route of a rookie and go all-in on a first-round quarterback while Nick Foles acts as the bridge and potential backup?

All year long, as the Bears have faced quarterback problems, fans have wondered just who would be a better fit for the team next year. Will that quarterback come by way of the draft? Will the team wait until later rounds and try to develop a project behind Foles? Or will they shock the football world and go after a free agent like Dak Prescott?

No matter the route they take, the following options should not even be considered for replacing Trubisky.