Chicago Bears: 5 Quarterbacks who should not replace Mitch Trubisky

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2. Chicago Bears’ worst replacements for Mitchell Trubisky: Cam Newton

If anyone was going to take a risk on signing Cam Newton last year, it was going to be Bill Belichick. That was a total Belichick move to bring him in and try to morph his offense into something it never really was to begin with.

Props to Belichick for attempting such a risk, but it did not work out. From the start, Newton’s ability to throw the football looked like it was long gone. He was still a somewhat effective runner, as he rushed for 592 yards and 12 touchdowns — the second-highest rushing touchdown mark of his career.

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But, all season long, Newton was ineffective throwing the football. Anything over a short crossing route or check down was inaccurate. In 15 games this season, Newton threw for just 2,657 yards and eight touchdowns. His 177 passing yards per game were the lowest average of his career by far.

In Chicago next year, they have to be looking for a guy who can get the ball downfield to someone like Mooney. They need a quarterback who can push a pace of play while being able to execute a more complex offense — something Trubisky hasn’t been able to do either.

Sure, the thought of having David Montgomery and Newton together as a rushing duo is something special. However, the Bears’ passing game would suffer greatly should they decide to sign Newton for next year.