Chicago Bears: 5 Quarterbacks who should not replace Mitch Trubisky

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4. Chicago Bears’ worst replacements for Mitchell Trubisky: Carson Wentz

I’m not sure what else there is to say about Carson Wentz that most don’t already know. But, there is going to be chatter regarding the Bears trading for him this offseason. I can guarantee it.

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Since Wentz’s body started breaking down a few years ago, he has not been the same guy. His internal clock is broken. His ability to see the open man is long gone. Many times, it’s like watching a quarterback try his best to extend a play for absolutely no reason at all.

In addition to Wentz falling off big time in terms of his play, his contract is atrocious. If the Eagles were to cut him, they’d eat $59 million in cap space. There is no way someone can argue why trading for Wentz makes any lick of sense for the Bears. If they’re going to invest a load of money into a quarterback this offseason, it should be by way of a man with the last name Prescott.

If Ryan Pace hasn’t learned his lesson yet, this ought to teach him. Trading for Wentz a year after trading for Foles would be just plain silly. The Bears are already on the hook for the rest of Foles’ deal, and pairing Wentz’s deal with that one would be an all-timer.