Chicago Bears: 5 Quarterbacks who should not replace Mitch Trubisky

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5. Chicago Bears’ worst replacements for Mitchell Trubisky: Tanner Morgan

It would be a total Bears move to keep Foles for the remaining two years on his contract while using him as a bridge to either a project in the 2020 Draft or wait until 2021 to draft the true franchise quarterback.

Speaking of a project, that’s exactly what Tanner Morgan is. There was a little bit of hype in Minnesota before the season regarding Morgan’s potential to have some momentum going into the draft after the 2020 season. He was poised for a strong year, but it was apparent that losing Tyler Johnson hurt Morgan big time.

He was so dependent upon having two top-tier wide receivers and it showed in a big way this year. Morgan didn’t even throw for a minimum of 200 yards per game this season, and he finished with a measly seven passing touchdowns and five interceptions.

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Pace has zero excuses in this year’s draft. If he wants to fix the quarterback position, taking a project is going to get him fired before the season even begins. Any quarterback in the tiers below a second-round grade better not be considered by this front office. It cannot happen. Morgan, along with many other mid-to-late round guys should never even enter his mind.