Do the Chicago Bears already have a replacement for Ryan Pace?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are rumored to have Mike Borgonzi replace Ryan Pace

After the conclusion of the Chicago Bears‘ loss to the Green Bay Packers, rumors started swirling around that the Bears have a potential replacement lined up for Ryan Pace. Chicago Tribune’s Bears reporter Brad Biggs said himself that he heard from two unnamed and unrelated sources. Here is the full quote from his article:

"Rumors have circulated in the last week that the Bears could target Kansas City Chiefs director of football operations Mike Borgonzi. This is speculation, but I heard this from two unrelated sources in the last few days, and with the Chiefs earning the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, Borgonzi wouldn’t be available to be hired away until the season is complete for the defending Super Bowl champions.Does that mean it’s Borgonzi or no one else? Absolutely not. But that’s a name that was churning in the rumor mill the past few days, and a quick hiring cycle this week by teams already looking for new a GM would not remove him from play. Obviously, there are many other people in consideration for GM jobs who are attached to playoff teams, but Borgonzi is the name I heard, and if the Bears would consider hiring a new GM to work with their current coach, he’s someone who could come in and have a preestablished relationship with Nagy."

This could be a very smart move by the Chicago Bears. With the established relationship with Matt Nagy and the experience they both have in Kansas City together, they can create a winning culture as the Chiefs have. Mike Borgonzi also understands what Matt Nagy has in mind in terms of creating his team. He can better help provide the pieces to build this team.

Mike Borgonzi is a well-respected name in the NFL. He is rumored to have interest from multiple NFL teams as well and his experience is a huge part of that. He has climbed the ladder in terms of working his way up from being just a College Scouting Administrator (2009) to the Director of Football Operations (2018 – present). He has served in multiple roles within the personnel department to show his varying experiences that would be great for a general manager.

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It isn’t good to discuss the opening of a position that may not even be open like this with Ryan Pace, but it isn’t something to completely ignore. If two unrelated sources both say something along with these rumors, it is something worth paying attention to.