Chicago Bears predicted to lose one top free agent, gain three in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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The Chicago Bears are predicted to lose Allen Robinson

The Chicago Bears have a top-five free agent heading into the 2021 season. However, as things seem to have turned ugly between the two sides, Allen Robinson is predicted to walk out the door after this season. Could it be that he’s tired of poor quarterback play or is it that he just wants his money? Maybe had the Chicago Bears extended him over the summer then he’d for sure be back.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) has Allen Robinson as the third-best free agent of 2021. I would have to agree with this determination as the only two ahead of him are Dak Prescott and Chris Godwin. One could easily argue that Robinson deserves to be number one on this list too.

Despite playing with two different quarterbacks this season, Allen Robinson has now reached over 1,000 yards two seasons in a row. He also set a career-high with 102 receptions and bested his catch rate percentage with a 67.5 percentage. PFF has Allen Robinson tied with Davante Adams for completing the most contested catches this season (21).

PFF has graded Allen Robinson over 75.0 in every season here in Chicago. He has clearly seen better quarterback play here in Chicago than he did in Jacksonville despite the cheap shots PFF has taken again at Mitch Trubisky (and even Nick Foles).

Robinson is not like Godwin in the sense he will not be breaking any speed records to catch deep balls, but he is one of the best possession receivers in the league. This season, PFF has graded Robinson at 88.4, their fifth-highest grade at the wide receiver position this year.

Now, I do not take their grades as gospel since they claim Allen Robinson has no more than three drops in each of the last three seasons. I would argue his two contested catches that turned into interceptions earlier this year should be counted as drops. Plus, Pro Football Reference has Robinson with seven drops in 2019. I am sure PFF does not give Robinson the same number because once again they love blaming Mitch Trubisky for everything.

No matter, the Chicago Bears will be losing a top player to free agency next season should PFF’s predictions come true. They (and I agree) believe Robinson will choose to walk away from the Bears. The Bears cannot afford to franchise tag him next season with their current salary cap situation unless they get super creative — it can honestly be done. Instead, they have Robinson moving onto the Miami Dolphins.

The thing is, will Tua Tagovailoa actually be better than Trubisky? He still has a higher ceiling than Trubisky, but how many Alabama quarterbacks have truly become stars in the NFL? As much as I like Tagovailoa, he is not the high-end quarterback pairing that PFF references could be special with Robinson.