Chicago Bears: 3 Reasons the Bears should trade for Deshaun Watson

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No. 3, Deshaun Watson makes everyone around him better

It can’t be underestimated how the Chicago Bears could possibly waste away such a talented roster and that’s including the blockbuster trade made for Khalil Mack. The offense has the weapons, but for some reason, it took over halfway through the 2020 season to find the right play-caller to get those players firing on all cylinders to score enough points to compete.

If you’re the Bears front office, franchise tag Allen Robinson if you can’t work out a long term contract and make another blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson. Not saying Robinson is better than DeAndre Hopkins, but it’s a lot closer than fans might think considering the quarterback play Robinson has dealt with throughout his career — remember those Jacksonville Jaguars days with Blake Bortles?

Acquiring Watson would unleash the potential in guys like Anthony Miller, Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet. There’s no telling what players the Bears would have to give up for Watson, but even so, Watson does what he has to with the talent around him. Take a guy like Brandin Cooks this season for example. Cooks has revitalized his career after many wrote him off as an injury-riddled veteran wide receiver not good enough to make it with the Rams, Saints or Patriots.

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No-one would hate the Bears front office for giving up a haul for Watson. Quarterback is the single most important position in football and Chicago has been playing catch-up for years. It’s time to change that.