Chicago Bears Rumors: 3 polarizing Deshaun Watson trade packages

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Trade No. 1: The Chicago Bears get creative in a sign-and-trade for Deshaun Watson

Going into this offseason, one of the biggest questions around the Bears will have to do with the future of Pro Bowl receiver Allen Robinson. Prior to the start of the 2020 season, there was a lot of talk about getting an extension done for him, but in the end, it didn’t happen.

Robinson is now set to enter free agency after this season is up, and the Bears will likely either have to fork over more money than they would have had to previously, or slap the franchise tag on him. Instead of having to deal with that conundrum, they could work out a sign-and-trade involving Watson and Robinson.

Robinson is coming off a career-high 102 receptions for his second-highest receiving total yet (1,250 yards) and six touchdowns. He’s been the top target for both Bears quarterbacks and, it’s safe to say, Chicago would miss him dearly.

The Texans, though, are going to see one of their own receivers hit free agency as well. Will Fuller, who had a career year himself in just 11 games, is now going to the open market in the spring. Houston will have a decision to make with him also, on whether or not to use the tag.

Getting Robinson plus a nice stack of picks could be enough for the Texans to let go of Watson. At this point, Houston may not end up having much of a choice but to get what they can for a guy who simply doesn’t want to be there.