Chicago Bears Rumors: 3 polarizing Deshaun Watson trade packages

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Trade No. 2: Deshaun Watson costs the Chicago Bears their defensive leader from 2020

Go ahead and call this blasphemy, but the Bears would not lose this deal.

In this second juicy trade scenario, the Bears deal Houston their defensive MVP from the 2020 season, linebacker Roquan Smith. In what was an incredible season for Smith, he was a bit overshadowed by the constant quarterback questions and a sorry six-game losing streak. But, make no mistake, Smith was arguably the best linebacker in football this year.

The Texans need a player of Smith’s caliber. J.J. Watt is aging and may not be there much longer either, judging by how frustrated he’s grown with this Texans team. Smith, being a younger guy, could be the building block for this Texans defense for years to come.

Now, would it hurt to see Smith leave after such a strong season? You bet. But, would it be worth it? Absolutely.

Even after dishing out two more first-rounders in this deal, the Bears win the trade. Why? They get a top-10 quarterback. That’s an easy answer. Why else? They get to keep Khalil Mack — who, may I remind you, is still capable of wrecking a game on any given day.

Landing Watson should be a must for the Bears, even if it means trading maybe their most important defensive player.