Chicago Bears: Does Deshaun Watson want to play for Chicago?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

Is Deshaun Watson hinting at wanting to come play for the Chicago Bears?

We have touched on this topic already and unless more rumors start to swirl, this will probably be the last time. The thing is, we do not believe that the Chicago Bears will find a way to trade for Deshaun Watson. That said, anything could happen. No one thought Khalil Mack would be coming here in 2018. Not many thought DeAndre Hopkins would be traded this past season. Strange things can happen, and if the Chicago Bears determine Watson as a key piece, go get him.

I fully believe that Deshaun Watson wants to be traded. He signed a huge contract extension this offseason, but he probably was promised certain things in the process. Promises I can only speculate that are not being kept. With the turning of the tides in Houston, Deshaun Watson reportedly wanted the Texans to hire Eric Bieniemy. The Texans to this point have not interviewed Bieniemy and are not even linked to him outside of Watson and others advocating for him.

Instead of looking into the coach your start quarterback advocated for, the Texans are reportedly zeroing in on Josh McDaniels. This is not to say McDaniels is not a solid choice. He has hopefully learned from his poor coaching performance in Denver years ago. The problem though is that Watson was already upset about losing his top wide receiver this season. Now, his voice is not being heard within the Texans’ organization.

To make things worse, reports are that Adam Gase could be the lead candidate to become the Offensive Coordinator. Yikes.

Although a trade is unlikely, it appears that Deshaun Watson either has an infatuation with the city of Chicago or he is using Chicago as leverage somehow in a non-winnable negotiation to be traded out of Houston. It is more likely the latter, but do you remember when Allen Robinson changed his Twitter profile picture to one of himself in a Cubs jersey? Not long after, he was signing a contract with the Chicago Bears.

Could the fact that Watson started following two Chicago weathermen a sign of what’s to come in the future?

It seems more plausible that Watson is just a fan of Chicago weather. He apparently made that known back when he was in high school.

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No matter how cryptic Deshaun Watson has been with his Twitter activity, Chicago Bears fans need to understand that the probability of Watson playing for this team before he becomes an unrestricted free agent (whenever that may be) is very slim. Although it is fun to think about, this organization had their chance to draft him in 2017 but instead took Mitch Trubisky. Nothing bad to say about Trubisky, but he has not proven to be nearly as good as Watson.