Chicago Bears: Will Matt Nagy’s fatal flaw end the Bears season

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears need Matt Nagy to play head coach and not play-caller

The Chicago Bears under the leadership of Matt Nagy have been and still are a mass of contradictions. As the wise say, a football team is a reflection of its head coach. Matt Nagy as the Bears head coach has led his team into the playoffs two out of the three years he has been in Chicago. He has done this in spite of making many foolish decisions that have left many fans and media in shock.

Nagy’s vast array of mistakes sabotaged his team’s success with schemes and play calls that at best were poor decisions and at their worst were completely out of touch with the ebb and flow of the games being played.

On one hand, he created one of the best team chemistries in all of professional sports. Proof of this is how he was instrumental in stopping a six-game losing streak that resulted in the Bears making the playoffs. Of course, this gets balanced out with the fact that he had to give up his duties as their offensive play-caller in order to get this done. The question with Nagy is will his extreme positive leadership lose out to his extreme bad leadership.

Matt Nagy’s fatal flaw is he makes the worst possible decisions at the most critical times in games. Most of his bad decisions have been when he calls plays. The most revealing time one of these awful decisions reared its ugly head was in the Bucs game this season.

The Bears had a great drive going that was creating lots of momentum for them against a good Bucs defense. They were doing this with an uptempo offense. Then Nagy made a personnel substitution on a red zone play that backfired. It turned a possible touchdown into a field goal.

Nick Foles about lost his mind when the whole thing blew up in their faces. His sideline rant to Nagy was like him speaking for every Bears fan who has condemned Nagy for his play calling. Foles wanted to keep their momentum continuing their uptempo pace. He was all set to have the Bears quickly rush to the line of scrimmage to run a play and keep the Bucs defense on their heels.

However, he could not do that because Nagy made some significant player substitutions. This undermined the Bears’ momentum and the play failed. This was probably the beginning of the end of Nagy calling every play on offense. Players’ frustration toward Nagy during and long after this game became much more evident after Nick Foles was seen yelling at Nagy.