Chicago Bears: Will Matt Nagy’s fatal flaw end the Bears season

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /
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Get ready for the Chicago Bears to lose if Matt Nagy continues this flaw

If Nagy gets heavy-handed again in forcing himself into the play-calling decisions in a significant way, it is extremely doubtful the Bears will beat the Saints. Every Bears-Packers game coached by Matt Nagy has an absurd amount of short passes within five to ten yards of the line of scrimmage. In this last epic failure against the Packers, Mitch Trubisky was in total 33/42 with his passes. Of these, he was 31/35 in passes of six yards or less. This resulted in a stagnant offense.

Here is a link to Next Gen Stats chart of Trubisky’s passes last week. There was another epic failure by Matt Nagy and his Bears last season that shows his rigidity in calling short passes when playing the Packers. In the NFL’s 100th Anniversary game back in Week 1 of 2019 against the Packers, Trubisky was in total 33/42 passing the ball. Of these, he was 31/35 in passes of six yards or less.

Nagy had Trubisky throw 35 short passes out of 42 pass attempts in this much-hyped game. However, this tactic failed miserably as it yielded an embarrassing three points in a 10-3 loss. The Bears defense kicked the Packers and Aaron Rodgers‘ butts. The Bears’ offense surrendered to the Packers’ defense and the whole team lost.

Basically, as a play-caller when his team plays against the Packers, Matt Nagy goes into a rigid pattern of short pass myopia or at least one that is even more rigid than normal for him. This is exactly what we saw by the Bears’ offense in last week’s game.