5 Chicago Bears who will not be back in 2021

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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4. Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham had a touchdown in the playoffs and did not have a terrible season by any accounts. Still, the Bears have to let him go. Graham has been losing playing time over the past two months to Cole Kmet. He is a nice complementary piece, and he could come back, however, it would have to be on a cheaper deal.

The Bears can save $7 million by letting Graham go. They could also pay him $10 million to come back. The fact is that you cannot pay a backup tight end $10 million. You have to save $7 million. The Bears have to move on from Graham.

This will be looked at as a bad signing and will get laughed at when Graham eventually does get released. Still, for what the Bears paid for him, they got decent value. They structured the deal with an easy out and now they should use the out that they put in themselves.