5 Chicago Bears who will not be back in 2021

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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2. Mitch Trubisky

Many fans will debate it, so I will get ahead of it. Maybe he will, and maybe I will be wrong. Danny Trevathan made my list last year. However, the Chicago Bears should move on. Mitch Trubisky should want to move on. It is over, let it go.

There are qualifiers of a good play caller and with a good set of players and with easy opponents he can not lose games sometimes. That is a lot to get around to the fact that he has not shown enough to invest in him.

The fourth-down run early in the game is the same thing we have seen for years. He takes sacks instead of throwing them away, he does not know where the sticks are, and he throws a pass that makes you lose your mind once a game. He has a few great passes, sure, and maybe in a new environment, things will go well.

However, the Chicago Bears would be wrong to expect to bring back Mitch Trubisky and see anything but the same results.