Chicago Bears are frustratingly average

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are average and that is not a good thing

The Chicago Bears are not a dumpster fire of an organization right now. Say what you want, but two playoff seasons in three years sound great for many teams across the NFL. However, I do not need to argue with anyone that they are not in the class of the NFL. They are not really close, either.

The Chicago Bears are right in the middle in a league where you either need to be all-in to contend, or all-in to rebuild. They are somehow stuck in the neither.

That should come as no surprise, the Bears are 16-16 in their last 32 regular-season games. They were 1-6 against winning teams and 7-2 against losing teams. Mitch Trubisky has drastic splits against good defenses and bad. David Montgomery is developing the same splits. Matt Nagy obviously has the same.

The Bears defense shows flashes and gets holds, then gives up gap plays and jumps offsides. The offense struggles to gain a first down for weeks then they rip off 30 for a month straight. The offense shows up when the defense doesn’t and vice versa. Where the Chicago Bears stand is the definition of average.

The issue is that while they are a better roster, and win more than the Jets and Jags, the Jets and Jags have paths out. They are littered with cap space and draft picks and has a fresh start at QB. It is no fun to be a laughing stock for one season, but they have a path out.

The Chicago Bears are not there, but they are not close to the Saints or Packers. The issue is that in order to take that step up, there is a good chance that they may need to take a step back.

They do not have the cap space, or draft capital, or the current roster construction to get out of average by getting good.

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It is frustrating because there is just enough good to want to build on it, and not waste what is there. However, there is enough bad that the average will not get out of this roster overnight.

This leaves the Chicago Bears stuck in the middle. Arguably the worst spot to be in all of the sports.