Chicago Bears: Revisiting what George McCaskey must do regarding 2021

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears must make changes heading into 2021, but what changes?

Awhile back, I wrote about four decisions that George McCaskey must make following the loss to the Vikings in November. The Chicago Bears made a switch at quarterback, play-caller and essentially beat the bottom-feeder teams of the NFL to back their way into the playoffs.

Good for them, but they were not good enough to even consider being Super Bowl contenders. As much as I wanted to cheer them on as a fan, I knew they would not get far enough despite the “anything can happen” mentality. Now, after a beating by the Packers to end the season and mediocrity in a Saints loss to bounce them out of the playoffs in the Wild Card Round, George McCaskey must once again start looking at what decisions he must make.

At the time of the loss to the Vikings, I originally thought McCaskey must fire Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, Ted Phillips and even himself to some degree. As the season progressed, it sounds like either McCaskey has decided to drink the Kool-Aid surrounding the key victories over the Texans, Vikings, and Jaguars.

Rumors are floating around that Matt Nagy is indeed safe, while Ryan Pace is still on the hot seat. None of these have been confirmed, but just murmurs around social media. Right now, all we know is that it seems management is in “deep discussion” — whatever that means.

Who is considered “management” in this conversation by the way? Are we talking the McCaskeys? Are they including Ted Phillips in the talks? What about Matt Nagy or Ryan Pace? Honestly, I do not feel comfortable with any of these people deciding anything. I’d prefer George McCaskey put names and outcomes on a wheel and spin it to decide what’s going to happen in 2021 as opposed to him actually thinking things through and making what he believes to be the “correct” choices.

Actually, scratch that. I am going to help by making the decisions for him. I will even give him a couple of options, like an if-then statement.