Chicago Bears: Revisiting what George McCaskey must do regarding 2021

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If Matt Nagy is fired, then Ryan Pace needs to go too — and vice versa

When it comes to Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, they are intertwined. That might not be fair, but I believe that Nagy realized (or at least should have realized) that his job would be tied to Pace’s job. When you look at this roster, the team is full of plenty of talent. Unfortunately, Matt Nagy has not been able to help mesh the personnel into a formidable unit — at least on offense.

The defense has not looked the same either since Vic Fangio left and Chuck Pagano took over. In fact, if I am Matt Nagy and I am able to keep my job, Pagano should be his scapegoat this season similar to how Mark Helfrich and Harry Heistand were the scapegoats after 2019.

At some point, Nagy needs to look in the mirror. In fact, Rex Ryan is not happy with Matt Nagy at all and thinks he is an awful coach for how he handled the Mitch Trubisky situation. I would not go that far, but I do have a problem with it taking so long for Nagy and the other coaches to mold the offense in a way that better suits Trubisky’s playing style. As soon as he realized how limited Trubisky could be in certain play calls, then he should have adjusted things rather than “be you”.

Looking at the current situation, I just do not see any way that makes sense for just one of Matt Nagy and/or Ryan Pace to be fired while the other one stays. In my opinion, if you are choosing to fire Matt Nagy or Ryan Pace, both must go. As I pointed out already, the only name that makes some sense to replace Pace if the team keeps Nagy is Mike Borgonzi.

Again, are you going to give Nagy an extension for mediocrity and add a year or two, because a two-year general manager contract makes little sense to me? I guess I can see the general manager getting four years and after a year or two the Bears could move on from Nagy then. This just seems dumb to me though as I think this team needs stability. Stability is one reason why I’d consider bringing them both back in 2021 for one final “see what happens” approach.