Chicago Bears: Revisiting what George McCaskey must do regarding 2021

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Ted Phillips
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

No matter if the Chicago Bears fire Matt Nagy or Ryan Pace, Ted Philips must go

Here’s the thing when it comes to the Chicago Bears, Ted Philips just needs to go. I saw some rumors that he is possibly retiring after the season. I do not care if that’s how the Chicago Bears want to spin it or not as long as Phillips is no longer the team President.

Phillips has been in his position way too long and ever since he took over that role this team has seen more mediocrity than Jeff Fisher has as a head coach in the NFL. This needs to change and when you need to make major changes starting at the very top is the way to go.

We all know that George McCaskey and his family will never sell the Chicago Bears. Maybe never is too extreme, but it’s also probably very accurate. The next best thing would be eliminating Ted Phillips. This could be by forcing him to retire, changing his position and removing him from all football operations, or just flat out firing him. The retirement option sounds like the easy way out and honestly I do not care as long as he no longer has a voice in regards to football decisions.

Once Phillips is gone, then the hiring process must start. If George McCaskey does not feel comfortable making a choice on who to hire as President of Football Operations (yes, he needs to create this position first), then this could be when he turns to other major football minds within the league.

Once that new position is created and a great football mind is in place, then he needs to himself step aside. Let the new President hire the new general manager. The new general manager and the new President can then decide on a new head coach. This franchise needs to stop living in the past. 1985 called to remind you that football has changed and winning Super Bowls 35 years ago is not how to find sustained success in today’s NFL.

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Final thoughts:

The only thought here is that George McCaskey should be cleaning house, even if the Chicago Bears beat the Saints. Unless the team won a Super Bowl this year, backing their way into the playoffs should not have been enough to save Ryan Pace or Matt Nagy’s jobs.