Chicago Bears projected as the worst fit for this top quarterback prospect

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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Bleacher Report projects the Chicago Bears as the worst landing spot for this QB

The Chicago Bears lost in Matt Nagy fashion on Sunday. The New Orleans Saints were beatable, yet the Bears offense found themselves unable to convert on third down, committed timely penalties and were very undisciplined.

Now that the offseason has unofficially started, this team is full of more questions than answers. Will we see Ryan Pace again in 2021 or will he be fired? What about Matt Nagy? Now that the Chicago Bears fell to the Saints, will Mitch Trubisky be brought back on a short-term deal or will the Bears move on? Honestly, Trubisky may decide to just walk. Not to mention, what about Allen Robinson? Do you see what I am saying? This team has more holes than a PGA golf course.

Quarterback has always been a problem for this franchise. There have been a few decent ones throughout the team’s long history, but not enough to make anyone feel good about the position. Mitch Trubisky flirted with being better than average, but his inconsistencies brought him down and more people view him as below average (he’s not) than anything.

The problem is, fans are tired of average. Fans are rightfully tired of this team doing well one season and then bad the next few. Even an 8-8 season when the team backs into the playoffs felt like a losing season. Mediocrity has become what fans expect from this team and quite honestly the McCaskeys need to do something about it, but that’s for a different conversation we can have later.

Instead, let us focus on the fact that Bleacher Report looked at who they believe are the top five quarterback prospects of 2021 and which team would be the best and the worst landing spot for each one. You would hope the Chicago Bears would be on that list multiple times as the best landing spot, but instead, Bleacher Report only has them listed once. To make things worse, they list the Bears as a single worst landing spot and not once as the best landing spot. Not good.

Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are not projected to reach pick 20, therefore, those two are already off the table — understandable. Zach Wilson has been the quarterback who has risen up draft boards the most. They have him going near the middle of the first round (11th or 12th) and believe he would fit best in San Francisco. I will not disagree here and do believe he could be available at that point, but doubt he drops to 20. The Bears would have to trade up to land him.