8 Chicago Bears who must return in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Cordarelle Patterson
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Bringing back Cordarrelle Patterson is a must for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears need to find the money to also bring back Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson has once again proved his worth as a returner on special teams, a gunner on punt coverage and even a running back out of the backfield. He would not be brought back as a wide receiver — that ship has sailed. However, his leadership and presence on this team are exactly what is needed.

Patterson saw his rushing yards increase from 103 yards in 2019 to 232 yards and a touchdown in 2020. His efficiency was not as good this season, but teams were clearly targeting him when he was in the backfield. If Patterson is brought back next season and Matt Nagy is calling the plays, Nagy needs to do something to keep defenses guessing while Patterson is in the backfield.

Although Patterson brings great value, the Chicago Bears should be able to retain his services on a very similar deal that he played for over the last two years. A two-year, $10 million dollar deal is what I would offer Patterson again. I do not see him getting any higher of an offer on the open market as he is about to turn 30 before the 2021 season starts.