5 reasons Chicago Bears will regret retaining Ryan Pace

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The Chicago Bears are keeping Ryan Pace for one more year. That may be a mistake

The big news that was announced last night was that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy would be retained by the Chicago Bears. While Matt Nagy has issues of his own, he was a Pace hire and was hired well into the Pace tenure. So while you can argue that Nagy should have been let go, he has much more ground to stand on than Ryan Pace.

The Bears are bringing him back, but all of the talk appears to be in the must-win variety. That is not a great way of doing business and has a high likelihood of blowing up in the Chicago Bears face. Here is why.

5. Cannot trust your QB situation

Bringing back Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy likely means that Nick Foles will be back, albeit as a backup. It leaves a very uncertain future for Mitch Trubisky, though. This is the duo that declined his option and benched him, although Pace did draft him.

Still, that is the issue. Pace drafted him. He drafted Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson just months after paying Mike Glennon a questionable amount of money. Then, he brought in Foles, which obviously did not end well.

The fact of the matter is that if Mitch Trubisky walks, which is possible, Ryan Pace will be drafting a quarterback or going to get another veteran. Do we trust him to do this? Why would we? On the other hand, if he brings Mitch Trubsiky back what does that mean? Just run it back the same thing as last year? No changes? It is a hard sell, and it leaves Pace in a spot where he may be making a long-term decision at quarterback that will change their future.

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