Did end-of-season presser confirm Mitch Trubisky future?

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Did the Chicago Bears confirm that Mitch Trubisky will not be back in 2021?

When asked what Ryan Pace can learn about drafting Mitch Trubisky over Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, the Chicago Bears GM used many cliches to dance around a direct question, and did use the phrase that “that chapter is not shut yet” when eluding to, presumably the Trubisky chapter (it is hard to say for sure with all of the fumblings around of his words).

So, you can argue that in that moment Ryan Pace left the door open for Mitch Trubisky to prove him right. Pace also said that everything is in play, which is basically what he said before declining the 5th year option for Trubisky last year.

Everything else that was stated from George McCaskey to Ted Phillips, to Ryan Pace to Matt Nagy read that Mitch Trubisky will not be with the Chicago Bears in 2021.

McCaskey noted that the biggest reason he thought he could trust Pace fix quarterback was that Matt Nagy was going to collaborate with him. The two collaborated about Trubisky for three years. Matt Nay has never drafted a quarterback. It does not take algebra to put those two together.

They all cited production from the quarterback as being an issue, but when it came to Nick Foles, they qualified his play with offensive line issues. With Trubisky, you did not hear that.

Beyond that, the Chicago Bears noted that the need to change something and last season was not enough. George McCaskey and Ted Phillips both said something had to change in the same press conference that they said retaining Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace was for the best.

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They are not going to bring back GM, head coach, and quarterback. They talked openly about mistakes at quarterback and replacing quarterback and how this would be different than last time. That is a lot to say to just bring back Mitch Trubisky. Do not expect him back.