Chicago Bears: The direction of the franchise and roster heading into 2021

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The offensive tackle position needs to be addressed by the Chicago Bears

I would assume the Chicago Bears move on from Bobbie Massie and not Charles Leno. I get it, Most want them both to be removed, but you won’t be able to replace them both. While some feel a bag of sand could block better than Charles Leno, that is, in fact, not true.

Leno is not a good left tackle, but he’s not an awful one. Leno’s dead cap estimates at $5 million with an $11.3 million cap hit. The better option would be to restructure his contract. If the Chicago Bears spread it out far enough, Leno could have a contract that runs him right into the “backup” pay as he gets older.

Bobbie Massie, on the other hand, is pretty much done. Too many injuries for too high of a contract. Massie’s dead cap is estimated at $2.6 million with a $9.3 million cap hit. That is a lot of savings for the limited production he has provided over the past few years.

Buster Skrine could be another player that finds himself on the outside looking in. It is a bit less savings if the Chicago Bears cut Skrine, but it is possible. If I were to guess, I would think they keep him for his final year. The last player on the list for cap savings would be Jimmy Graham. I don’t believe he is cut either, but he would have similar savings as cutting Massie if he was.

The reason I think the Chicago Bears won’t cut him is the same reasons I feel they signed him. Matt Nagy has had Ryan Pace acquire veteran players for more than what they bring to the field. Clearly, they care about what they do in the classroom, practice field, and for other players equally as they do for what that player does on the field. That is my argument. What was another possible reason for them to bring in Chase Daniel and Mark Sanchez when the team made those choices?