Offseason blueprint for Chicago Bears to make another run at the playoffs

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears must follow this blueprint to take another swing at playoffs

It seems like little change is coming to the Chicago Bears in terms of the general manager and head coach positions. After two days of silence within Halas Hall, multiple reports confirmed that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy would both return to the Bears in 2021. The only real change was defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, who announced his retirement from football.

When the team had its official press conference on Tuesday, they came off as sounding as if 2020 was a success. From the looks of things, the Bears front office and ownership must think this team can still contend for a championship.

This is nowhere near the truth. 2020 has left this roster without an answer at quarterback. Questions float around the future of Allen Robinson, the team’s star wide receiver. The team is crippled in cap space and only have half their roster under contract for the new year. The lack of change anywhere shows that the organization is okay with mediocracy, ineptitude, and short-term success.

Let’s assume that we’re all bought back into this Bears game plan. There would need to be a lot of moves made in order to shift this roster around. Cap space needs to be made, players need to resign, and the team must absolutely hit on their 2021 draft class. Here’s a look at a plan that could make this 2021 season an actual success for the Bears.