Offseason blueprint for Chicago Bears to make another run at the playoffs

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If a starting quarterback is available, the Chicago Bears need to go after him

It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears still have zero answers at quarterback. With Ryan Pace back as general manager, he needs to be aggressive at finding a solution. As Pace said at the end of the season press conference, everyone should be on the table in terms of who to go for. Here are several options Pace should look into this offseason.

  • Offer Dak Prescott a deal. Even if it means moving on from multiple players on the roster and making cuts/trades, the Bears should be willing to at least reach out to Prescott’s agent.
  • Make an offer for Deshaun Watson. Offer the team’s 2021 and 2022 first-round pick, the team’s 2022 second-round pick, a veteran player, and the team’s 2025 first-round pick. If he’s available, the Bears should make an offer
  • Make an offer for Derek Carr, Carson Wentz, or Matt Ryan. Each guy is an established veteran who will be an upgrade at quarterback.
  • Be willing to sign someone. Even if this means a Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bears should find another established veteran if all else fails
  • If push comes to shove, the Bears should make an offer for a young QB via sign or trade. Names that come to mind are Taylor Heinicke, Jameis Winston, or maybe trade for Sam Darnold. Then, make Nick Foles the starter with one of those guys ready to relieve him

It’s most likely that the Chicago Bears will role with Foles. Even if that’s the case, the front office must not be afraid to at least look at anyone and everyone available. In this scenario, we’ll assume the Bears stick with Foles.

No matter what the Bears do in free agency at quarterback, they must also grab a rookie in this year’s draft. Knowing Pace, he’s likely to try and move up for a name like Trey Lance or Mac Jones. Regardless of how aggressive Pace gets here, any rookie brought in will likely extend his job security while also giving the Bears a fresh new name in the quarterback room.