Chicago Bears could be replacing these assistant coaches

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Chicago Bears, Mike Furrey
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Mike Furrey Ι Wide Receivers Coach for the Chicago Bears

Mike Furrey is a relatively new coach in the NFL. His only experience is with the Chicago Bears as the team’s wide receivers coach. While in this role, Furrey has helped Allen Robinson reach his two best seasons (2019 and 2020) of his career. Yes, Robinson has been better in many ways the last two seasons than his 14-touchdown performance in 2015.

I will give Furrey a little credit for that, but let’s be honest, Allen Robinson is one of the best wide receivers in the league and I do not think a Wide Receivers Coach has made much of a difference. Instead, what we have not seen is the development and emergence of other receivers on the staff.

Anthony Miller looked like he was going to be a stud after his rookie season when he grabbed seven touchdowns despite only starting four games. Outside of flashes here and there, Miller has not lived up to the expectations he set during his rookie season in 2018. As a second-round draft pick, many thought Miller would at least become a consistent number-two receiver. Instead, he lost his starting spot and playing time to fifth-round rookie Darnell Mooney.

Other receivers, such as Javon Wims and Riley Ridley have not shown any growth either. This is why I do not give Mike Furrey much credit for Allen Robinson’s success. Maybe he deserves some for Mooney, but it would not shock me if Mooney, just like Robinson, would have seen the same success no matter who the wide receivers coach was.

Furrey is another coach who I can see the Chicago Bears parting ways and looking elsewhere as the team somewhat revamps the wide receiver corps in 2021.