Chicago Bears Free Agency: Projecting Allen Robinson 2021 contract

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

What type of contract could Allen Robinson be looking for in free agency?

Before the start of 2020, we broke down what a potential extension would look like for Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears. The conclusion was that a four-year, $77 million deal with $46 million guaranteed would be reasonable.

Of course, as we all know, the deal did not get done. Unfortunately, as the season played out, it started to get more and more clear that Robinson would not be returning to Chicago. There is absolutely still a chance, but Allen Robinson said that he would explore offers.

It is fair that with multiple teams offering, the price may have already gone up. However, after seeing where we stood after the season, it is worth checking in and seeing how much his price tag may have gone up or down.

Comparing Allen Robinson to recent extensions

Amari Cooper signed his extension before we wrote the last article. However, in recent months both Keenan Allen and Robert Woods signed extensions with their teams as well. All three have similar stats to Robinson when looking at their time since 2018. All four have been with the same team since then.

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It is worth noting that all three have more rushing production than Allen Robinson. Still, it is worth noting that Robinson is about 10 months older than Amari Cooper, but Woods and Allen are 16 months older than Robinson.

From there, Robinson is smack dab in the middle in production. Allen is the most consistently productive, Cooper is the youngest, Woods brings much more rushing value, and Robinson is in the middle of all three. So, how do they all compare salary-wise?

Did new contracts affect Allen Robinson?

Below you can see how each contract looks according to OverTheCap. At the bottom is the average of all three. Of course, you cannot sign a 4.3-year deal, so a four-year deal would see a bit less, and a five-year a bit more than the average total.

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If Robinson is expected to be in the middle of all three, how far off are the averages here from what we had last summer?

Projecting Allen Robinson Contract

Before 2020 we said a four-year, $77 million deal with $46 million guaranteed could get it done. On average, we are now looking at about four-years and $80 million with $46 guaranteed. The issue is obviously that the salary cap will be going down and not up for the first time in a long time.

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Still, the youth of Robinson compared to Allen and Woods, who just got new deals, along with the bidding war between teams should get Robinson to the $80 million mark.

Now, we will see who will be interested in paying this price.