Chicago Bears: These shocking trades could flip the NFC North

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Chicago Bears, NFC North

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

This offseason, the Chicago Bears and their division rivals could end up looking quite different.

Aside from the fact that the Green Bay Packers are still in the running for a Super Bowl at the moment, the rest of the NFC North is in full-on offseason mode. The Bears have already made some huge moves by retaining everyone in leadership, including Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, and now the focus is about to shift to free agency which starts in March.

This offseason, the Bears have some decisions to make. There is a real possibility they lose two receivers from their current core, along with entering next season with a new quarterback. Offensively, fans are hoping for change — whatever that entails.

Pace has to make a move at quarterback, at the very least, in order to keep his job going forward. But, what kind of move will he opt to make? He’s failed in the draft, free agency and a trade already.

If the Bears are to compete for and win an NFC North title next year, they have to get that position right.

Speaking of the division, Chicago could see their rivals do something drastic this offseason as well. Like last year, there could be a ton of movement with quarterbacks, only this year we may see some teams enter a full rebuild sooner than we had thought; cough, Detroit.

A team like the Vikings is pretty close offensively, but one more move could put them over the top.

Again, the Packers are set. It’s all about catching Green Bay. Whether that’s in the immediate future or down the road, these next moves could see any one of the other three teams find their way to the top.

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